Human difference in a time of multicultural diversity

Human difference takes on many forms. This can be as simple as having brown eyes or blue. Or more complex, such as having ginger hair in a sea of blond and brown. The more types of difference a person experiences, the more complicated their experiences can become. And we are living at a time when multicultural diversity is becoming ever more significant to the dynamics of our societies. Perhaps the nature of difference has become more complex than ever before.
Good people skills are important to emotional well-being

Why having good people skills is important to your health

Happy New Year, everyone! I imagine a lot of you are thrilled to see the end of 2018. For me, it was a year of endings and beginnings in a lot of ways -- ending my career in teaching (at least for the next 4 years), beginning a PhD -- and a year of dramatic transformation and self-discovery.
starting my PhD in anthopology at the university of bristol

Dr. Anthropologist

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