Unearthing the Mechanisms of Oppression and Denial

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I started this blog to talk about anthropology, which can basically include anything that has to do with humans! Anthropology seeks to understand what it means to be human. There are basic similarities between all of us, such as the need for kinship or relationship with others. Yet, the way we ‘do’ or form relationships can differ significantly from one society to the next.

The theme of ‘Human-Isms’ represents my interest in many different systems of belief that include ‘ism’ or ‘phobia’ in the name. These include (but are not limited to) racism, sexism and science denialism as the ones that I often find myself reading about in depth. I welcome discussion about the many other isms and phobias, as well.

Please take a look around, and check out my blog page! I try to update it with a new article at least once a month.

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A post about why I decided to start a degree in Anthropology and the website Human-Isms

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Trouble Words

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